Wordpress Website Security

WordPress is one of the most secure platforms in the world. However poorly managed sites are still vulnerable and subject to attacks. Be safe, work with us and we’ll ensure you’ll never be hacked.

We have been building WordPress website since 2008 and have developed a blueprint for securing WordPress websites. Working across hosting, code, plugins and common vulnerabilities we put in place measures to ensure your website will never be hacked, we’re so confident that if it is we’ll repair it free of charge.

Backups & Restoration
Some of our clients have had websites hacked so bad beyond repair. Where most agencies fail to recover or restore. We can possibly do the impossible and save the job depending on how bad the hack is and the tasks required to store website are in our control.

Fast Acting Security
If you have an urgent issue that needs to be fixed that is prevent users purchasing or even issues such as white screen of death which we can debug and fix quickly that many other developers can stuck on for days.

Security Hardening & Removal
We will upgrade the whole website, change access and harden the WordPress platform. Afterwards we setup advanced monitoring to track attack attempts going on the website to prove the website security is doing it’s job.