Website Audit Services

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Website Audit Services

If your website is not performing as it should be on Google and you just can’t seem to get the kind of rankings you were hoping for then chances are that your ‘ on page’ SEO; that is your actual website could be in violation of some critical Google guidelines.

What this means is that whilst your website was being designed and built there were critical flaws in all stages of the web process which has rendered your website ‘non compliant’ in the eyes of Google. So what ever you may be doing in terms of link building and SEO this will have little effect on your rankings unless these issues are fixed immediately.

This is called a ‘website audit’ and is a strategic element and critical component in your SEO campaign. It sets the foundations for your internet marketing and is one of the determining factors in how Google ranks your website. Without it and without it being implemented and done correctly your chances of beating your completion online are going to be very difficult.

Uncover Site Errors
The only way to outrank competitors is to have a fully functional, optimized website with seamless user experience across top devices and browsers. We partner your brand with a dedicated consultant with years of search engine optimization experience and technical expertise so you can root out all sitewide inefficiencies hampering your marketing engine.

Not only do we analyze your site and provide hard data on its performance, but we also provide strategic recommendations to get your site running at full steam. Once adjustments are made, your position in the digital marketplace is immediately enhanced.

Each custom audit is delivered to you with your future goals in mind.

Common issues a SEO audit can uncover
You will be surprised at what our website audit can uncover. Far too often website are built in a hurry and corners are often cut dues to budget restrictions; hence these are many tangibles that need correcting. Our audit will uncover and highlight some of the following issues:

> Website speed – slow page load times are essentially a web killer and our audit will identify all pages that are slow. We will also make recommendations on what to do and how to fix these stagnant pages.

> Bounce rates – Bounce rates happen when people land on your website and immediately bounce of these first page they land on without ever engaging with the site. High bounce rates are bad and it sends signals to Google that consumers are not liking what they see, This has a huge impact on rankings and we can tell very quickly what your rates are and make the necessary design amends and split A/B testing to ensure bounce rates are kept at a minimum.

> Website content – if your website’s content is too thing and poorly worded, Google will notice this. We have in house copywriters that know exactly what Google is looking for and at the same time write for maximum consumer conversion rates.

> URL structures – was your website built using an out dated or old content management system where your URL structure makes no sense or has no logic. We can fix this quickly by transferring your site over to a WordPress CMS which is so much more Google friendly.We can identify and eliminate any dodgy coding that was previously done by your web developer.