Website Redesign

Breathe new life into your website with the latest software updates and a cutting edge design.


To keep up with today’s trends a business needs a website redesign that brings a fresh new image for your company. We can provide “a reinvented new look for your brand” that helps your business to evolve, thrive and succeed in the local and or in the global marketplace.

Every year technology advances and evolves so your website must do the same, we can help you to start fresh and look updated now.

With the internet growing fast and changing rapidly your website may be in need of a facelift or total renovation to keep up with the new technology and software advancements constantly being made.

Updating your website’s layout and navigation or adding new applications help enhance your credibility and generate more interest in what your business has to offer.

Website redesign is about more than just the look, it’s also about powering your website with the latest technology.

Why should I redesign my website?
Your website is a reflection of your business and services. It must ALWAYS be up-to-date.If your viewers see an old, outdated, broken, and slow website, they will think the exact same thing about your business and services. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!

A modern, user-friendly, fast and powerful website will make you stand out as an industry leader and attract more visitors and sales leads! That’s why a website redesign is crucial!

Can I “update” my old site?
Trying to update an old website with old coding technology is something you definitely don’t want to do. It’s like giving a 1985 volkswagen a new coat of paint and expecting it to look and run like a brand new Ferrari. It will never happen! Don’t waste your time and money. Simply “invest” in a new web redesign.

Can I use my existing website content?
Yes and no. If your website is performing well in the search engines and you want a website resign for a fresh new look and new coding technology, then most likely we will suggest keeping most of your “text” content and only changing or updating text that reflects a change in your business or services.

However, if your website is performing poorly in the search engines, we would definitely suggest all new text content. Don’t worry, we can help you with your text content as well. The remainder of content such as images, call-to-actions, forms, scripts, tags, code, etc., will all be updated during the web redesign process.

What is changed during the website redesign process?
You can think of the redesign process as getting a whole new website. Almost nothing is reused except for what was mentioned above; such as your existing text content. And this is only reused if your site is performing well. Other than that, everything else is coded as a brand new website with the latest technology. Out with the old, in with the new!

What are the benefits of a web redesign?
There are many benefits to redesigning your website. Below are just a few:

Website will be powered with the latest coding technology for better user experience
Modern new design that will impress visitors
Increase in traffic, visibility, and conversions rates
Most importantly, an increase in sales leads
How often should I redesign my website?
As a general rule, companies should redesign every 2 to 3 years. It is not just about the “look” of your website, you also want to keep in mind that mobile devices change rapidly and your website must have the latest coding technology to stay up with these devices. Even if your website is performing well, a web redesign will most likely give a big boost in traffic and leads!