Responsive Website Design

Be Agile and Captivate Your Customers Across All Digital Devices.


The days when desktops ruled the digital world are gone. The increasing adoption of mobile usage is changing the dynamics of browsing and shopping. People are mobile now and like to browse on whichever gadget they are carrying with them. Hence, it is critical that your website can be experienced seamlessly across all devices.

No matter which device your customers use – be it a smartphone, tablet, desktop, Notebook, or even a Phablet, you need to ensure that your website stays responsive and performs equally well on all devices. A site should be able to deliver the same user experience, navigation, convenience, and visual aesthetics consistently across all screen sizes, orientations, and browsers.

Why go responsive?

More visits from mobile devices
The number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices is on the rise. The latest data indicates that 51% of the time we are accessing the internet, we are doing so from a smartphone or tablet. This should come as a wakeup call for businesses that are serious about succeeding online but still don’t have a mobile friendly website.

Having a responsive website improves your search engine ranking
Responsiveness is one of the top ranking factors that determine the position of your site in search engine results. Because users prefer responsive websites, Google has an incentive to rank them ahead of desktop-only websites or those with separate, stripped-down mobile sites. Optimising for all screen sizes gives you the best chance of showing up for Google searches and generating traffic.

You are losing potential customers if your site is not responsive
The rapid growth of mobile usage means a large proportion of your potential customers will simply leave your website if it doesn’t show up nicely on their mobile phone. People access your site from multiple devices and expect a similar experience, which is only possible with a responsive design.

A non-responsive site can do harm to your reputation
8 out of 10 people will stop engaging with a website if it doesn’t display properly on their screen. A non-responsive site gives visitors the impression that your company isn’t serious about its business and can seem unprofessional.

Stay ahead of the competition
Despite the clear benefits of going responsive, only 9% of small businesses have a responsive website. Building a responsive site can certainly give your business a genuine advantage over the competition.

Responsive websites provide better user experience
When it comes to converting online, the user experience of a website plays a key role. Our responsive web design Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane team ensures your visitors get the best user experience in terms speed, flexibility and ease-of-use from any device.

The Perfect Responsive Design
We create and design the perfect responsive design that has fluid grid proportions, intelligent layouts, SEO optimized content, impressive graphics, and, at the same time, minimizes distortion and scrolling across all devices. Our website designs are device and browser independent and perform consistently well across all gadgets. Whether it is a super-sized screen or a little handheld smartphone, your customers are assured of getting the same terrific UI and UX, which will lead to better results for your business.