WordPress Website Design

WordPress is a powerful solution, and good websites can be created by almost anyone using the easy to master tools it offers. However, to turn a good website into an exceptional website, requires the assistance of a WordPress developer.


At Kode88 Web Design we make use of WordPress on a daily basis. WordPress in a Content Management System or CMS for short. WordPress is flexible, highly customizable, super user-friendly, and is a great content management system that gives you the power to manage your website and it’s content. It is used widely across the internet from small businesses to larger business and even online shops and e-commerce websites. Some of the largest companies in the world make use of WordPress for their websites because of the control it gives to them to be able to edit and update their websites themselves.

Another great thing about WordPress is the ability to scale it, meaning that you can start off with a small simple website and expand it by adding required pages and functionality over time. You can even add addition pages yourself. It’s the perfect website platform for any type of business.

Benefits of WordPress Website Design

Easy content management
Manage, edit and upload website content in clicks, with no technical knowledge. The WordPress dashboard is designed to be extra user-friendly and allow for the easy publication and management of content.

Mobile Device Ready / Friendly
WordPress design is mobile friendly and looks good on just about any mobile device, provided your theme is coded in a responsive way. All of our websites are responsive and look great on mobile devices, because up to 70% of all web traffic is now mobile traffic.

Custom WordPress Themes
Webworx develops beautiful WordPress website themes from design mockups approved by you the client. These WordPress templates will give your website the professional look and feel that aligns with your business’s corporate identity.

WordPress Plug-ins and widgets
These form the backbone and strength of WordPress and make it super robust and flexible. There is a plug-ins directory of official WordPress plug-ins. Users can customize every aspect of a website according to their needs.

WordPress is Super SEO friendly
Search engines love WordPress! WordPress takes care of 80% of the mechanics of SEO out of the box. There are also many great SEO plug-ins for WordPress that will help to optimize your website for search engines and users.

WordPress is super user-friendly
Best feature of WordPress is that it is easy to use. Anyone can upload or edit website content in the WordPress dashboard. You can also manage users and make special areas on your website that are just for logged in users.