Facebook Marketing

Meet and keep more customers with help from a sales focused Facebook advertising agency

Facebook Marketing

So what does this mean for your brand? It means that if you spend $1.00 to encourage a consumer to like your brands page, and they have an average of 257 friends, your reach is multiplied 257 times for free.

Over half of the Irish population is on Facebook and it is the number one social media platform globally. Facebook is extremely cost effective to connect consumers to brands and it provides consumers with the ability to share your brands message with other consumers.

We design, develop and produce Facebook marketing campaigns, which promote brands and more importantly connect consumers to brands. We achieve this by not only collecting likes to brand pages, but also collecting consumer information which include names, addresses and email addresses, which can then be used in Electronic Direct Marketing campaign initiatives.

Our developers and marketers are experts in ensuring brands learn more about their consumers as Facebook provides a deep analysis into consumer insights. We use this data to deliver our clients messaging to their specific target market every time, and ultimately this saves our clients time and money.

We’re passionate about helping innovative businesses take down the big guys with the power of Facebook’s targeted promotional tools.

We can help you grow your business by meeting, and keeping more of the right customers at the lowest possible cost. And we’re not just interested in likes, shares and follows. It’s what’s behind the click that matters. We’ll help you develop a program that converts Facebook users into customers.

As a leading Facebook advertising agency, our team makes sure you maximise the return from your ad spend. You don’t need to sweat over the finer details of your Facebook campaigns. We’ll help you use the incredible targeting capabilities of the platform to find and convert new customers and re-engage existing ones.

We use Facebook ads to find your ideal customer better than ever before with the help of:

  • granular demographic and psychographic targeting to find the right audience
  • split testing hundreds of ad variations to find the best converting ads
  • the process and experience to continuously optimise your campaigns to maximise return

With millions active users in Ireland – regardless of your industry – there’s a mighty fine chance you can meet more customers on Facebook.