Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can help your business engage with customers nationally or even globally. With a well thought out social media strategy, your business can not only advertise to potential customers, but also turn them into brand advocates who will promote your brand.

Kode88 Website Design Ireland can manage your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

We will regularly publish posts that will be focused specifically on the target market of your business. This content will contain interesting information about your products (or services), your industry, news, questions to your fans or followers, etc.

Our team will establish positive relationships with your fans. In doing so, we will engage in social conversations on different social media profiles, forums and blogs. Our staff will also respond to users’ queries or comments.
We will monitor the appearance of your brand on the internet.

Our service will also create advertising campaigns on Facebook or different social media profiles.

Platforms we manage

Build, engage and keep your brand interactive and up to date. Communicate with your audience. We will be backstage doing our tweaks to transcend the anti-marketing limits of Facebook’s algorithms.

Share your brand on an even farther reach. Prompt traffic to your website and web pages. Connect and network. Catch the new wave as Twitter rises from the dead.

The teenager of the social media platforms, all showy and colourful. Win the eyes, hearts & minds of new legions of fans through vibrant and creative content.

A networking site for business and business people. It helps companies find the right people; employees, partners and opportunities. This is the go-to for and of professionals. This is where your future customers will look for you.

It is the inspiration portal of product to consumer. See an increase in consumer reach by way of pins just like word of mouth. Make pinterest work for your business and get to that first page in google.

Integrating videos with your brand is a savvy business marketing strategy since 72% of people would watch an explainer video rather than read about a product. Youtubers are the next targeted market segment.

Facebook is the World’s leading social media network.
Initially, Facebook started off as a web portal that would help students to communicate with each other about studies. But now it is the leading social media platform and everyone uses it, including businesses.

It is a free platform which anyone can join by simply creating a user, or business, profile. Facebook is one of the greatest tools a modern business has for developing their brand visibility and promoting their products and services.